Portable Chair Booster

Price $39.99

Where to Buy?

Available Colours
  • Chocolate

Fits 4-legged chairs

• Placed underneath chair
• Kitchen and dining rooms look great

The Specs

Price: $39.99
Available colors
Price: $6.99
Available color

KABOOST is a portable, adjustable chair booster with four spring-loaded arms that fit snugly under the legs of kitchen and dining chairs, lifting the entire chair 4.5" or 3.75" (same heights as standard booster seats). No more big, bulky booster chairs - now your child can sit at the table just like a big kid. KABOOST snaps onto the chair in just seconds, and it doesn't matter if the chair legs are round or square. Its spring-loaded arms firmly grip the legs, staying attached even when the chair is moved or repositioned, and KABOOST's nonslip, rubberized feet won't scratch floors. With a choice of 3 different colors, your kitchen and dining rooms will look great with KABOOST.