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The best booster ever!  Our 2.5 year old loves sitting at the table on a "real" chair no more tight boosters that are hard to clean. Very easy to assemble and fits all of our chairs. Very stable and supportive, won't tip the chair over when they climb up to get on.

"The day it arrived at the house, it felt like Christmastime all over. He was so stoked once he got himself seated at the big table."

"I have an 18 month old and he loves it!"

"I find the Kaboost to be a sanity saver encourages big boy behavior at the dinner table which is something that puts this in my top 10 gadgets for growing kids."

This is the best thing ever. My daughter was in a booster seat before we got this but she wanted to feel like a big girl and sit at the table. The kaboost did the job. It's very sturdy and easy to put on the chairs. Plus you can take it to restaurants without it being a pain. I highly recommend it to everyone with a toddler.

"Our 2 year old shunned the high chair and we couldn’t find a booster that was stable and easy to clean. This changed everything. I highly recommend this unobtrusive, easy to use, and very stable booster product."

"We now have 2 of these and have found them to be really useful!"

"My 3-year-old uses his KABOOST and just loves it. Since my 3-year-old wants to be just like his older siblings and he thinks he’s as old as them, he wanted nothing to do with a booster seat. He wanted to sit in a 'real chair' as he calls it."

"The KABOOST is the answer to our problem! It installed very quickly, and now my son can climb up into the chair and sit at the table just like mommy and daddy."

"The product was easy to use, and was lightweight enough to transport around to different places."

"Once again, a product has entered my life where I cannot believe it wasn't invented sooner."

"I just bought a KABOOST a few weeks ago for my 26 month old son. WE LOVE IT!! My son began to fuss and whine when I tried to sit him in his highchair, so I knew it was time to find a more 'big boy' alternative."

I bought 1 after I saw it at a friend's house, and then a second when my second son was older enough to switch to chair, and a 3rd one to bring to my parents home. At least 3 other moms bought the booster after seeing it at my home. Great product.”

"I loved the fact that I don’t have to wash down a separate seat at our table. My daughter’s booster seat can harbor loads of yuck under it and it is one of the things I dread most about cleaning up after her."

"I bought one of these and I think it's great. My kid is 2 1/2 and he loves it."

"I like the portability of it. Being able to take it anywhere and not have to worry about having a suitable place for the kids to sit!"

"My mother is in her 80’s and suffers from osteoporosis. Therefore, she has 'shrunk' several inches in height. I bought one to try for my mom, and it’s fantastic. KABOOST brings her back to eye level with the family. She feels more comfortable without the pillow/phonebooks. It’s not just for kids anymore! Thanks, KABOOST!"

"I was just noticing at dinner tonight that my son still needs his booster, but being as he won't sit still, I can't imagine going back to it. Little did I know I'd find the solution here in the KABOOST!"

"It is such a simple but practical idea."

"This is the best invention! It has been such a challenge to get my daughter to sit in a booster seat so she ends up sitting on her knees at the dinner table. The KABOOST is so easy to use and once you put it on the chair it stays on the chair. It also folds up compact and I bring it with us now to restaurants. I am very impressed with its design and how sturdy and stable it is. My daughter also loves KABOOST and asked us to get her another one in green so that we can take it with us to her Grandparents. I think this is a great product."

"Perfect for my 2.5 year old who insists on being just like his big brother and sister."

"I like that you don't have to have a different chair for the little ones. They get to sit in the same chairs as the big people."

"My daughter hates to sit in booster seat.. However, when she does sit in a regular seat she can barely see over the top of it, let alone eat there. This would be perfect."


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