Little kids sit like big kids!


Frequently Asked Questions:


Will KABOOST fit my chair? 
KABOOST easily adjusts to fit 4-legged chairs (round, square or curvy legs). It can be used with chairs that have a diagonal leg distance of between 19.5 inches and 30 inches. Chances are, if you have a 4-legged chair, KABOOST will fit your chair. 

Is KABOOST easy to put on to my chair? 
KABOOST snaps on to the chair in seconds. Our demo video shows how best to put KABOOST on the chair at We recommend putting KABOOST on the ground so its arms make an X shape. Stand behind the chair. Then insert the back chair legs into two KABOOST arms. To secure the front two chair legs, pull the front arms of KABOOST “AROUND” each front chair leg. Always ensure that the chair is stable before using. 

Can adults use KABOOST? 
Yes! Grown ups use KABOOST too and KABOOST easily holds up to 300 lbs! KABOOST is used by many seniors and other adults who might have some physical challenges like arthritis, knee pain, joint pain, hip replacements and muscular dystrophy, or adults who just want their chair to be a little taller! But don’t take our word for it – check out reviews from our grown up customers at 

Will KABOOST come off my chair? 
KABOOST's spring-loaded arms and rubberized feet firmly grip the chair’s legs, and KABOOST stays attached even when the chair is moved.

How high does KABOOST raise the chair? 
KABOOST is designed with a choice of 2 elevating height positions (3.75" and 4.5") – the same heights as standard booster seats – so your child can use KABOOST for years to come. Just flip KABOOST over to use its other height position.  

Will my chair be stable with KABOOST? 
KABOOST is engineered to improve chair stability. In fact, a chair with KABOOST is more stable than the same chair without KABOOST.
Is KABOOST safe to use and does it meet all required safety standards? 
Yes. The safety of the children and adults using KABOOST is imperative and will not be compromised. KABOOST is designed and manufactured to meet or exceed all applicable U.S. and international safety regulations and standards. KABOOST undergoes rigorous testing by independent laboratories to ensure that it is a sound, durable and safe product to use. KABOOST is intended for children who do not need to be restrained to keep from falling and are able to climb on and off a chair and unassisted, which promotes a child’s independence as they can get in and out of the chair by themselves.
Can KABOOST be used on any type of floor? 
KABOOST can be used on all types of household floor surfaces, including wood, carpet and tile. KABOOST should only be used on even surfaces.
In what colors is KABOOST available? 
KABOOST is available in 3 different colors: Green, Chocolate, Natural. 

What is the age range for KABOOST? 
KABOOST's recommended age range is 2 to 6 years old. Please read the instruction manual to determine if KABOOST is right for your child. 

Can KABOOST support my child, especially since he's pretty big for his age? 
KABOOST can easily hold up to 300 lbs. 

What material is KABOOST made from? 
KABOOST is made from heavy duty plastic. 

Will KABOOST scratch my floors? 
KABOOST's rubberized feet are non-slip and won't scratch floors. 

How portable is KABOOST? 
Weighing just 3.5 lbs., KABOOST is compact and lightweight, easy to fold and carry to grandparents' and friends' homes, or to restaurants and events. The dimensions are 13" x 12" x 6.5".

Can KABOOST be used with folding chairs? 
KABOOST's spring loaded arms firmly grip the chair legs and therefore KABOOST cannot be used with folding chairs.

Will you give my name and contact information to other companies? 
No, KABOOST will not provide or sell your information to any other company. 

Is KABOOST right for my child? 
Children want to be just like their mom and dad or older siblings. They reach a point where they no longer want to sit in a high chair or booster seat for "babies" anymore. In fact, many children would rather sit on their knees to eat rather than use a booster seat. With KABOOST, a child can sit and reach the table just like everyone else, and feel like they are part of the family. KABOOST helps kids develop a sense of independence and gain self-confidence. With KABOOST, the entire dining experience is enhanced for both child and family.


Boosting children's self confidence 
Sometimes the simplest needs inspire elegant solutions, and the innovative KABOOST chair booster is truly elegant. KABOOST's spring-loaded arms, rubberized grips, and collapsible design make it secure and portable. KABOOST stays attached even when the chair is moved, and its rubberized feet prevent slippage and won't damage floors.

What KABOOST can do better than any booster seat or stack of books is to lift the entire chair from the bottom up. KABOOST is the perfect solution to help your child sit at the table at the correct height without feeling like a "baby." When your child sits at the table just like you and her older siblings, she will have a raised perspective that feeds her self-esteem and confidence, and fosters a closer connection with family.

KABOOST has a choice of two height positions - 4.5" and 3.75" (same as standard booster seats) - allowing it to grow with your child.

No more off-to-the-side highchairs with filthy feeding trays, or bulky booster chairs that take up too much space. KABOOST is right there when you need it and is easily stored when you don't. It also makes life easier every time you travel, whether to grandparents' and friends' homes or to restaurants and events.