Little kids sit like big kids!

Easily adjusts to fit 4-legged chairs (round or square legs)

Quick & Easy

  • Snaps on chair in seconds
  • No assembly required
  • Sturdy

  • Engineered to improve chair stability
  • Holds up to 300lbs
  • Rubberized Feet

  • Non-slip, won't scratch floors
  • Grips chair legs firmly into place
  • 2 Height Positions

  • Same height as standard booster seats (3.75" & 4.5")
  • Grows with your child
  • Adjustable Spring System

  • Fits 4-legged chairs (round or square legs)
  • Stays attached even when chair is moved
  • Portable

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Weighs 3.5 lbs (13"x12"x6.5")
  • Easy to fold and carry
  • Also available in




    Many Happy Customers

    The smile that came on my son's face when he realized he was sitting at the table like everyone else was worth every penny!

    Happy Customer

    Must have for your toddler! Easy to use. Awesome product! So much better then a booster seat or standing on the chair like my daughter did before we had KABOOST!


    My daughter is almost two and hates to be placed in the high chair, so this product was a great choice for us. Now she is able to sit at the table at a height that makes it easier for her to eat. I also love that it saves space, and my daughter gets to retain her small independent spirit!


    We have two of them - for our 2 year-old and 4 year-old. I love how they look, I love how they work!


    Such a great idea. My son loves this (he hated his old booster seat, but still needs the height).

    Happy Customer

    Love this! It was so easy to install! My son is happy to sit in a big boy chair. Pushes right up to the table. He can get on and off the chair without any help. This is what they need at all the restaurants!

    Bonnie L.

    Works exactly as shown. When I lifted the chair, after installing the KABOOST, it stayed perfectly in place. Raised our niece to just the right height.

    Judy H.

    One of the best inventions and life hacks when you have a toddler. This is our second one for our second child- recommend this product for every parent!


    This works great and my son can sit at the table like the rest of us without using a booster. He can get in and out of the chair on his own. Great product and easy to use!


    Not just for children but for but for mature adults who have trouble getting out of regular height chairs. KABOOST raises the chairs just enough that the older person can gently slide out of the chair instead of having to rock to get momentum to raise up out of a chair. Thank you for the extra sturdiness of the non slip feet as well.

    Charlotte B.

    This product is the best thing ever. All I can say is don't waste your money on booster chairs. This product is awesome!

    Cheryl T.

    We have two KABOOSTs at home - one for 3.5 year-old son to help him sit at the table with us, and another one for our younger daughter who likes to move back and forth while eating. It helps to make her chair very stable because of the solid framework and rubber pads. Love them!


    My daughter no longer has to struggle climbing into a booster seat after climbing up onto the chair. And when getting down, she just slides herself off the chair, w/o catch points from a booster chair. She feels like she is a big person getting to sit on a regular chair w the rest of the family. Fantastic idea!

    Leola B.

    So smart!! I love that there are two options for height and that this product stays on the chair. We just eliminated our high chair and now our son feels like such a 'big boy'. This was much cheaper than a booster that sits on top of the seat, and there are no buckles to attach to the chair. I also don't have to worry about a booster seat scratching the chair's seat. Thank you for such a great product!

    Christy A.

    Best money I ever spent! My 2 1/2 year old granddaughter feels like a big girl when she comes to grandma's house.

    Kathleen P.

    Really works on all 4 legged chairs!

    Ann B.

    Daughter loves being able to sit in a chair all by herself. Love that I do not have to clean under a booster seat and I can wipe chair clean.


    The best booster ever! Our 2.5 year-old loves sitting at the table on a "real" chair. No more tight boosters that are hard to clean. Very easy to assemble and fits all of our chairs.

    Happy Customer

    Meal times have been much less fuss! And I love that they're so easy to install and take off. No straps or anything. So when we have other people over, they come off quick. And we can even take them with us to grandmas. I'll never buy a conventional booster again. Thanks!


    It works great for when my granddaughters come over! Now we always have a seat at the table for them and any other toddler who visits. Very happy with our KABOOST.


    Greatest thing since sliced bread! This is easy to transport, easy to move between seats, and works great.

    Happy Customer

    KABOOST even makes the chair more stable and my son climbs in and out of the chair by himself and feels just like everyone else. I highly recommend this product, it is truly brilliant.


    The day KABOOST arrived at the house, it felt like Christmastime all over. He was so stokked once he got himself seated at the big table.


    It is so simple to use, just what we were looking for!


    Watch KABOOST in Action!

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